Where I Can Just Be Me

There is a place where I can go
Where performing is not in style,
Where I can let my feelings show
And just be me for awhile. 

It's there that I can laugh or cry
And every burden share
My ego which has suffered hurt
Can undergo repair. 

Sometimes I think I've said too much
Or something really dumb,
If anyone ever puts me down
It's me - the only one.

Trust and love is strongly felt
We share a common goal,
To make our day a better day
And refresh the weary soul. 

It's there that I am understood
When others fail to see,
That all I what through all of life
Is to relax and just be me.

I know that I am loved by them
These friends with whom I share
These friends who help along the through life
Is my family known as CAIR.

Max A.