That’s Just The Way I Am!

That’s Just How I Am! This perceptual filter confuses action with identity. The fact that you (or someone you interact with) have been a certain way up until now, does not say anything about what is possible in the present. It only affirms that you will probably continue being that way as long as you remain functioning in automatic pilot in Old Program. The moment that you choose to shift to manual, becoming conscious, as chooser in your life, and begin to bring truth into that pattern, change becomes a natural outcome. It will probably be awkward and clumsy, but small steps of healthy change build.

Remember that allowing and forcing have opposite effects on your ability to change. This perceptual filter, more than most, gets its power from believing the faulty perception that I am my habits. When you believe that “that’s just how I am,” it becomes true for you, robbing you of choice and healthy power. Your believing gives it the toxic power. If you expect me to behave in a certain way, you will tend to be affected by that expectation, and see what you expect, whether it is actually happening or not. This filter actually helps create what you expect to see.


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